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Power system static security assessment using self-organizing neural network
, P. Britto Corthis
Published in
Volume: 86
Issue: 4
Pages: 327 - 342
Artificial neural network approach to the problem of static security assessment of power system is presented. This paper utilizes the artificial neural net of Kohonen's self-organizing feature map (SOFM) technique that transforms input patterns into neurons on the two-dimensional grid to classify the secure/insecure status of the power system. SOFM uses the line flows under different component cases as inputs and self-organizes to obtain the cluster of the components based on their loading limits. The output of SOFM provides information about the violation of the constraints from which the operating state of the power system can be identified, which can be classified as secure or insecure. The proposed method of security assessment was initially demonstrated for a model 3 generator 6-bus system and later extended to IEEE-14, -30 and -57 bus systems. © Indian Institute of Science.
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JournalJournal of the Indian Institute of Science
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    Classification (of information)
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    Constraint theory
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    Mathematical models
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    Neural networks
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    Security systems
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    Self organizing maps
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    Security assessment
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    Electric power systems