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Plastic heterogeneity due to grain boundaries and its influence on global deformation textures
, Van Houtte P., Delannay L.
Published in
Volume: 200
Pages: 721 - 730
Plastic deformation in metals is heterogeneous in nature. This heterogeneity is induced by variety of factors at different length scales. The present study involves understanding the contribution of grain boundaries towards such a heterogeneous deformation field at mesoscopic scale. Finite element method coupled with crystal plasticity theory is used to deform a simple set-up of four grains. Each grain is discretized into large number of elements to effectively capture the complex nature of the plastic fields in the vicinity of the grain boundaries. Distribution of strain rates, both along and perpendicular to the grain boundaries is analyzed. The observations from above simulations are then used to enrich the microstructural description and grain interaction effects in a Taylor-type micromechanical model. A new model, aimed at predicting deformation textures in face centered cubic materials, is presented. It takes into account the near neighbor interaction as well as the influence of global texture on the deformation behavior of an individual grain. This is achieved by an iterative scheme for solving the field equations for a system consisting of a grain boundary segment (and the associated grain boundary zones) embedded in a homogenous media. Deformation textures predicted by the new model are presented along with a quantitative comparison with both experimental and simulated textures from other micromechanical models.
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JournalCeramic Transactions
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