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Performance monitoring of cpontrol room operators through eye gaze analysis
Published in AIChE
Volume: 2
Pages: 928 - 929
Safety in chemical process plant has become primary focus after the accidents like three mile island(1979), Esso's Longford refinery (1998),BP's Texas City refinery (2005) etc. to count a few. The investigation reports reveal the control room operator error as one of the leading factor for such incidents. Studies from Mannan (2004) suggest that almost 70 % of the critical incidents occurred just because of human error in plant operation. Analysis in high risk industries indicate that human errors typically originate from failure of proper situation assessment (SA) during abnormal plant conditions (Endsley 1988). It has been shown that analysis of cognitive behavior of humans can reveal their level of situation awareness, vital information that could help prevent human errors. © Copyright American Institute of Chemical Engineers. All rights reserved.
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JournalComputing and Systems Technology Division 2015 - Core Programming Area at the 2015 AIChE Annual Meeting
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