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Particle size and substrate wettability dependent patterns in dried pendant drops
Published in IOP Publishing Ltd
Volume: 33
Issue: 2
The particle laden sessile drops when dried on solid surfaces under certain conditions leave a deposit pattern wherein all the particles are confined to a narrow region close to the edge of the deposit. Such patterns which often form when coffee drops dry are referred to as the coffee ring patterns or the coffee stains. Recent research points to the formation of intriguing patterns when colloidal particle laden drops are dried in configurations other than sessile mode. In this article, the combined effect of particle size and wettability of the substrate on the patterns formed by drying drops in sessile and pendant configurations is investigated via experiments. Our results demonstrate a transition from coffee ring to central dome-like deposit morphology with decrease in wettability of the substrates when drops containing 3 μm diameter particles are dried in pendent mode. A similar transition in the deposit morphology is observed with increase in the diameter of the particles in pendant drops dried on substrates of near neutral wettability (θ = 86 ± 3°). The influence of particles size, substrate wettability and drop configuration on the kinetics of deposition of particles at the three phase contact line will also be discussed. We compare our experimental observations with particle based simulations wherein the dried patterns are generated by accounting for three particle transport modes, namely, advective particle transport resulting from capillary flow, gravity driven settling of particles and particle capture by descending interface. © 2020 IOP Publishing Ltd.
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