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Parallel programming in spiking neural P systems with anti-spikes
Kamala Krithivasan
Published in Editura Academiei Romane
Volume: 17
Issue: 1
Pages: 33 - 45
In spiking neural P systems with anti-spikes, integers can be represented as the number of spikes/anti-spikes present in a neuron. Thus it is possible to represent increment, decrement, relational operations and assignment statements using spiking neural P systems. With these basic structures, it is also possible to represent programming language constructs like conditional, iterative and different types of execution constructs. In this paper we consider a general-purpose parallel programming language that handles integer variables and is implemented using spiking neural P systems with anti-spikes.
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JournalRomanian Journal of Information Science and Technology
PublisherEditura Academiei Romane
Open AccessNo