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Oriya Passives with Ditransitives

Published in Lancaster University
Pages: 173 - 200

This paper aims at finding out if Oriya passives with ditransitives are symmetric or asymmetric passives. This typological schema is based on Woolford’s analysis of passives with ditransitives. The next task is to determine whether Oriya ditransitives are Double Object Constructions (DOCs) or Prepositional Dative Constructions (PDCs). Using some syntactic diagnostics like A-bar extraction and Indirect Object (IO) reconstruction, Oriya ditransitives will be identified as DOCs, and then by using agreement and binding facts, and Accusative Case Blocking (ACB) it will be shown that Oriya passives with ditransitives are asymmetric.

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JournalPresented at Lancaster Post Graduate Conference
PublisherLancaster University
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