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Optimization of carbon and nitrogen sources in the medium and environmental factors for enhanced production of chitinase by trichoderma harzianum
Published in Springer Verlag
Volume: 15
Issue: 1
Pages: 13 - 20
Statistical design was used to determine the optimal levels of medium components, the optimal initial pH of the enzyme production medium, the temperature of fermentation, age of the organism in the slant growth and the age of the inoculum for the production of chitinase in shake flask fermentations. The use of high concentrations of chitin and ammonium sulphate and exclusion of peptone and urea from the medium resulted in the production of higher level of the enzyme. The optimal concentrations of the medium components were 12.5 kg/m3 and 4.2 kg/m3 for the chitin and ammonium sulphate respectively. The effect of the addition of peptone and urea to the optimized medium was studied. The optimal values of initial pH and temperature were 5.6 and 28 °C respectively. The optimal age of the slant and the inoculum were found to be 105 h and 43 h respectively. The highest level of chitinase before optimization of the above variables was 0.054 U which was maximized to the level of 0.197 U.
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