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Optimised reference current generation for single-phase heterogeneous active filter
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
High electron mobility transistor (HEMT) made of materials like SiC and GaN are capable of high bandwidth operation but are currently much costlier compared to widely used silicon based IGBTs. This cost disadvantage warrants the use of a heterogeneous structure of converters to increase both operational reliability and bandwidth at a reduced cost for the same output power rating compared to a single converter. The heterogeneous active filter (HAF) consists of a low power, high bandwidth HEMT based converter paired with a high power, low bandwidth IGBT based converter. The existing selective current reference generation algorithms are optimised by completely ignoring the current limitations and bandwidth capabilities of the heterogeneous converter hardware architecture. In this paper, an optimised reference current generation (ORCG) algorithm is proposed for single-phase HAF by introducing an optimisation technique, that enables incorporating various limitations of the different types of switching devices of the heterogeneous converter. © 2020 IEEE.