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Optimal utilization of Transmission Capacity in Indian Grid by placement of Phase Shifting Transformer using Combinational Algorithm
, Kunnuthottiyil N.S.
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
With the ever increasing integration of Renewable Energy into the transmission network the corresponding power flow through the lines also increase, so it vital that the transmission capacity or the loading capability of the electric network is utilized to the fullest. Due to the inherent differences in the characteristics of the lines they face uneven loading, some transmission lines are heavily loaded where as others are not, which translates to increased losses, unexpected lines tripping and poor voltage profile across the transmission network. So it is vital that this problem is mitigated. To mitigate the said problem, authors suggest the placement of Phase Shifting Transformer (PST) in appropriate location throughout the grid. By this strategic installation of Phase Shifting Transformer, the huge capital associated with the construction of new transmission lines in the network can also be avoided. To determine the optimal allocation of Phase Shifting Transformer Combinational Algorithm is used. Implementation of the said algorithm is conducted in DigSilent Power Factory and Microsoft Excel. © 2019 IEEE.