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Optimal economic power dispatch using genetic algorithms
, Yoshimi M., Izui Y.
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 157 - 162
This paper presents the genetic algorithm approach to adaptive optimal economic dispatch of electrical power systems. Genetic algorithms, also termed as the machine learning approach to artificial intelligence, are powerful stochastic optimization techniques with potential features of random search, hill climbing, statistical sampling and competition. Genetic algorithmic approach to power system optimization, as reported here for a case of economic power dispatch, consists essentially of minimizing the objective function while gradually satisfying the constraint relations. The unique problem solving strategy of the genetic algorithm and their suitability for power system optimization is described. The advantages of the genetic algorithmic approach in terms of problem reduction, flexibility and solution methodology are also discussed. The suitability of the proposed approach is described for the case of a 15 generator power system. © 1993 IEEE.