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Optical diagnostics study of gas particle transport phenomena in cold gas dynamic spraying and comparison with model predictions
S.P. Pardhasaradhi, V. Venkatachalapathy, S.V. Joshi,
Published in
Volume: 17
Issue: 4
Pages: 551 - 563
Cold gas dynamic spraying (CGDS), a relatively new thermal spraying technique has drawn a lot of attention due to its inherent capability to deposit a wide range of materials at relatively low-operating temperatures. A De Laval nozzle, used to accelerate the powder particles, is the key component of the coating equipment. Knowledge concerning the nozzle design and effect of process parameters is essential to understand the coating process and to enable selection of appropriate parameters for enhanced coating properties. The present work employs a one-dimensional isentropic gas flow model in conjunction with a particle acceleration model to calculate particle velocities. A laser illumination-based optical diagnostic system is used for validation studies to determine the particle velocity at the nozzle exit for a wide range of process and feedstock parameters such as stagnation temperature, stagnation pressure, powder feed rate, particle size and density. The relative influence of process and feedstock parameters on particle velocity is presented in this work. © ASM International 2008.
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JournalJournal of Thermal Spray Technology