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On the stability of non-supersymmetric attractors in string theory
Published in
Volume: 2007
Issue: 8
We study non-supersymmetric attractors obtained in Type IIA compactifications on Calabi Yau manifolds. Determining if an attractor is stable or unstable requires an algebraically complicated analysis in general. We show using group theoretic techniques that this analysis can be considerably simplified and can be reduced to solving a simple example like the STU model. For attractors with DO -DA brane charges, determining stability requires expanding the effective potential to quartic order in the massless fields. We obtain the full set of these terms. For attractors with DO -D6 brane charges, we find that there is a moduli space of solutions and the resulting attractors are stable. Our analysis is restricted to the two derivative action. © SISSA 2007.
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JournalJournal of High Energy Physics
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