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On the NP-hardness of approximating ordering constraint satisfaction problems
P. Austrin, , C. Wenner
Published in
Volume: 8096 LNCS
Pages: 26 - 41
We show improved NP-hardness of approximating Ordering Constraint Satisfaction Problems (OCSPs). For the two most well-studied OCSPs, Maximum Acyclic Subgraph and Maximum Betweenness, we prove inapproximability of 14/15 + ε and 1/2 + ε. An OCSP is said to be approximation resistant if it is hard to approximate better than taking a uniformly random ordering. We prove that the Maximum Non- Betweenness Problem is approximation resistant and that there are width-m approximation-resistant OCSPs accepting only a fraction 1/(m/2)! of assignments. These results provide the first examples of approximation-resistant OCSPs subject only to P ≠ NP. Our reductions from Label Cover differ from previous works in two ways. First, we establish a somewhat general bucketing lemma permitting us to reduce the analysis of ordering predicates to that of classical predicates. Second, instead of "folding", which is not available for ordering predicates, we employ permuted instantiations of the predicates to limit the value of poorly correlated strategies. © 2013 Springer-Verlag.
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