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On the influence of wall properties in peristaltic transport of particle-fluid suspension
Published in ASME, New York, NY, United States
Volume: 24
The present study extends the two-dimensional analysis of peristaltic transport of particle-fluid suspension by Srivastava and Srivastava to include an elastic or viscoelastic wall. This particulate suspension-solid interaction problem is investigated by considering equations of motion of the particle phase, fluid phase and the deformable boundaries. The wall characteristics appear in their equations of motion and they are solved to represent the boundary conditions of particulate suspension motion. It is observed that when the walls of the channel are elastic, pure peristalsis involves flow reversal only at the center of the channel. This position shifts drastically to the boundaries, if viscous damping forces are considered. The presence of the particles favours the reversal flow.
About the journal
JournalAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers, Fluids Engineering Division (Publication) FED
PublisherASME, New York, NY, United States
Open AccessNo
Concepts (9)
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    Boundary conditions
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    Equations of motion
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    Loads (forces)
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    Particles (particulate matter)
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    Suspensions (fluids)
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    Flow interactions