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On material removal mechanism in high speed single grit scratchgrinding of cryo-treated Al2024-T351 aluminium alloy
Satpathy S.,
Published in Trans Tech Publications Ltd
Volume: 1009 MSF
Pages: 123 - 128
Feasibility of utilizing cryogenic technology to improve the shearability of Al2024-T351 alloy is experimentally investigated by carrying out a single grit scratch-grinding test. A single grit brazed diamond grinding tool is developed for the study. Al2024-T351 work specimens are treated with liquid nitrogen for 6 hours before the scratch test. Although there was no significant change in the tensile strength of the material, the surface experiences change in the microhardness. It helps in arresting the side flow and ploughing of the material during high speed scratch grinding. The scratched grooves on cryo-treated samples, compare to those of untreated specimens, shows signs of cleaner shear-cuts, superior finish and produces less grinding force during grinding. © 2020 Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Switzerland.
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JournalMaterials Science Forum
PublisherTrans Tech Publications Ltd
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