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Numerical simulation of nonlinear bubble phenomena in subcooled boiling in a channel
, Bhati J., Swapan Paruya J., Naik L.G., Mayur S., Das B.
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Pages: 1712 - 1725
In this article, we report nonlinear bubble phenomena in subcooled boiling in a vertical boiling channel revealed by numerical simulation based on four-equation drift flux model (DFM4). The focus of this work is to validate the bubble phenomena computed by DFM4 in high inlet subcoolings, low heat fluxes and low flow rates. The computed bubble parameters such as bubble growth time tg, bubble waiting time tw, bubble departure diameter Dd based on the available correlations were compared with the experimental results obtained from our boiling loop. We also propose an analytical solution for tg and Dd from the asymptotic growth kinetics and the force balance at the time of bubble departure. The effect of heat flux on the axial variation of these bubble parameters gives us some important insights of the bubble phenomena. Dd increases with heat fluxes. tw increases and tg decreases with both heat fluxes and axial-vertical distance. We have explained these bubble phenomena as well. It has also been found that Unal correlation for bubble departure fits well to highly subcooled boiling in low heat fluxes and low flows. © 2019 American Nuclear Society. All rights reserved.
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Journal18th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics, NURETH 2019
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