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Numerical investigations on fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics of different locations of winglets mounted in fin-tube heat exchangers
Published in Elsevier Ltd
Volume: 22
A three-dimensional numerical investigation of airflow through heated fin-tube heat exchangers with winglet type vortex generators is performed for both inline and staggered arrangements of circular tubes. Heat transfer augmentation of such heat exchangers strongly depends on the mounting locations of the winglet pair corresponding to tubes. The present numerical study shows the effect of location of rectangular winglet pairs (RWPs) on thermal performance for both the arrangements. Among numerous considered RWP locations, all promising locations of RWPs are identified which give higher heat transfer enhancement with less flow loss. The effects of RWP locations on flow features and heat transfer are demonstrated by streamlines and Nusselt number contours respectively. Estimation of enhancement in heat transfer is achieved by Colburn's factor and flow loss is quantified from the measured pressure drop. The thermohydraulic effect is analyzed by using the thermal performance factor. Locations of RWPs, which are capable of producing higher thermal performance, have been optimized and found that upstream RWP location, i.e. ΔX = 2.0, ΔY = ±1.25 delivers higher heat transfer enhancement with maximum thermal performance factor value for both arrangements. Evaluation of secondary flow induced by RWPs is achieved by secondary flow intensity and is correlated with heat transfer. © 2020 Elsevier Ltd
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