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Numerical investigation of free convection heat transfer in vertical channels with backward-facing step
V. M.K. Sastri
Published in
Volume: 238
Pages: 263 - 270
Free convective heat transfer for laminar, two dimensional flow in a vertical channel with a backward-facing step on the heated plate with isothermal boundary conditions has been numerically analyzed. The results compare favorably with the existing numerical results for a plane channel as well as for a backward-facing-step. The velocity distribution shows starved flow situations after the step for a Rayleigh number of 103 and higher for a step size of 50% of the plate spacing for asymmetric heating. For a step size of 25% of the plate spacing such situations were observed for Rayleigh numbers of more than 2000. Recirculation starts to disappear as the straight wall temperature approaches the inlet fluid temperature for a step size of 50% of the plate spacing.
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JournalAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers, Fluids Engineering Division (Publication) FED
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    Boundary conditions
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    Heat transfer
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    Natural convection
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    Numerical analysis
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    Plates (structural components)
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    Backward facing step
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    Rayleigh number
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    Laminar flow