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Numerical Analysis of Integrated Liquid Ramjet Engine
Published in Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre
Volume: 58
Issue: 3
Pages: 327 - 337

The numerical simulation of an integrated, liquid-fuelled ramjet engine comprising supersonicair intake, subsonic combustor and a convergent-divergent nozzle has been carried out and theresults are discussed in this paper. These results include cold flow studies, heat addition in thecombustor and full engine analysis with coupled simulation of supersonic air-intake andcombustion chamber along with the nozzle. Overall ramjet operation depends on the performanceof the air intake and the combustion chamber. The coupling phenomena are very dominant andperformance of air intake is affected vastly by the combustor operation and vice versa. In thispaper, a numerical analysis of integrated liquid ramjet engine considering coupling phenomenabetween various sub-systems viz., air intake, combustor and nozzle has been reported.

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JournalDefence Science Journal
PublisherDefence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre
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