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Normal-state electrical resistivity of Chevrel-phase superconductors of the type Cu1.8Mo6S8-ySey, 0≤y≤8
, G. Rangarajan
Published in
Volume: 14
Issue: 3
Pages: 691 - 702
Normal-state electrical resistivity data from 12-300K on Chevrel-phase superconductors of the type Cu1.8Mo6S8-ySe y, 0<or=y<or=8, are reported. The temperature dependence of the normal-state resistivity has been analysed on the basis of models proposed for A15 superconductors. It is found that the 'parallel resistor' model based on s-d scattering accounts for the observed variation satisfactorily in most of the compounds, provided the lower limit of the transport theory integral is taken to have a non-zero value obtained by a fit to the experimental data. Physically, this limit corresponds to the minimum energy required for a phonon to scatter an electron from the s band into the d band. The electrical resistivity below 40K could also be interpreted on the basis of interband electron-electron scattering.
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JournalJournal of Physics F: Metal Physics
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