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New empirical and generic models to predict interaction forces for several ships in encounter and overtaking manoeuvres in a channel
Varyani K.S., McGregor R.C., , Thavalingam A.
Published in
Volume: 49
Issue: 4
Pages: 237 - 262
In order to improve the formulation of ship-ship interaction forces and moments in the mathematical model of a ship manoeuvring simulator, new empirical models are developed in a three stage process. The first process involves the use of a discrete vortex distribution numerical technique and slender body theory to obtain sway and yaw moment coefficients. The second process involves using these numerical results to predict new empirical models for maximum peak of sway forces and yaw moments. The third process involves development of new generic models using the numerical results. The research shows that the generic model is as accurate as the numerical model and is also more accessible to a navigator, Master or pilot.
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JournalInternational Shipbuilding Progress
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