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Near room temperature spin reorientation and temperature evolution of magnetic structure in Mn substituted HoFeO3
Karthika Chandran, Prakash Pulkit, Neenu Lekshmi P., Das Amitabh,
Published in Elsevier BV
Volume: 500

Magnetic structure and spin reorientation transition of 45% Mn substituted HoFeO3 have been investigated using bulk magnetization, neutron powder diffraction and specific heat capacity techniques. These studies confirm the presence of antiferromagnetic ordering of Fe/Mn sublattice below 336 K. The spin reorientation (SR) transition (TSR ~ 290 K) where the magnetic structure changes from Γ4(Ax, Fy, Gz) to Γ1(Gx, Cy, Az) is confirmed by Rietveld analysis of neutron diffraction patterns taken at various temperatures. Though the spin reorientation (SR) transition is happening at 290 K, the system is found to be in mixed Γ4(Ax, Fy, Gz) + Γ1(Gx, Cy, Az) phase from room temperature to 275 K. Below 275 K, the sample exhibits a pure Γ1(Gx, Cy, Az) structure in which the weak ferromagnetic component is absent. Bulk magnetization and specific heat capacity measurements also confirm the Néel temperature and spin reorientation transitions and support the neutron diffraction analysis.

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