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Nanolocalized single cell membrane nanoelectroporation
, C.-W. Lee, S. Kar, J. Borana, P.-C. Wang, F.-G. Tseng
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 285 - 288
Today single cell research is a great interest to analyze cell to cell or cell to environment behavior with their intracellular compounds, where bulk measurement can provide average value. To deliver biomolecules precise and localized way into single living cell with high transfection rate and high cell viability is a challenging and promisible task for biological and therapeutic research. In this report, we present a nano-localized single cell nano-electroporation technique, where electroporation take place in a very precise and localized area on a single cell membrane to achieve high efficient delivery with high cell viability. We fabricated 60nm gap with 40 nm triangular Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) based nano-eletcrode tip, which can intense electric field in a nano-localized area of a single cell to permeabilize cell membrane and deliver exogenous biomolecules from outside to inside of the cell. This device successfully deliver dyes, proteins into single cell with high cell viability (98%). The process not only control precise delivery mechanism into single cell with membrane reversibility, but also it can provide special, temporal and qualitative dosage control, which might be beneficial for therapeutic and biological cell studies. © 2014 IEEE.