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Nanobiotechnology: A new generation of biomedicine - Innovative nanotechnology in key areas of biomedical engineering and cancer therapy
Prasanna Vidyasekar,
Published in Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd.
Pages: 237 - 273
The convergence of medical science and nanotechnology has created many new and promising fields, prominent among them the merger of biotechnology and nanotechnology. "Nanobiotechnology," as this chapter describes it, has tremendously successful potential applications in the field of biomedical engineering, especially in regenerative medicine. The use of nanotechnology to create growth-and diferentiation-enhancing surfaces, scafolds, or patterns and the problems in designing such submicron structures are discussed in this chapter's section on regenerative therapy. Cancer therapy has, of course, already seen much progress and advances in that this nascent technology is one of the forerunners in embracing "nanotech." The nanoparticle formulations that are in current use to combat cancer in its various manifestations are discussed in the chapter's section on cancer therapy. Nanotechnology is a new generation of medicine, and its wide spread application in varied fields demonstrates its immense potential. © 2012 Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved.
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JournalNanotechnology in Health Care
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