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Modulation of Central Depletion Zone in Evaporated Sessile Drops via Substrate Heating
Published in American Chemical Society
PMID: 32259450
Volume: 36
Issue: 17
Pages: 4737 - 4744
In this article, we report the influence of substrate temperature (Tsub) on the evaporation driven patterning of colloids on solid substrates. When the drops are dried in an environment maintained at temperature, Tenv, lower than Tsub, the temperature difference between the drop apex and the three-phase contact line leads to thermal Marangoni flow. We show that the interplay between the radial capillary flow, the thermal Marangoni flow, and the descending rate of the drop surface can be tuned to modulate the spatial distribution of colloids in the dried deposits. At ΔT (=Tsub - Tenv) ≥ 45 °C, the distribution of particles in the interior region of the pattern is nearly uniform with a significant decrease in concentration of particles in the ring-like deposit at the edge. The deposits formed at 15 °C ≤ ΔT ≤ 40 °C are accompanied by a particle depleted zone in the center, which has not been reported to date. The formation of the central depletion zone arises from the suppression of the thermal Marangoni flow at the penultimate stage of drying and the interplay between the radial capillary flow and the descending rate of the drop surface. At ΔT < 15 °C, the dried deposits are found to exhibit coffee-ring-like stains. Copyright © 2020 American Chemical Society.
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