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Modelling the spatial variability of Standard Penetration Test data for Chennai City using kriging and product-sum model
, Priya Balasubramani Divya
Published in Informa UK Limited
Pages: 1 - 14

Modelling the spatial variability of soil properties is very much essential in establishing the engineering parameters for the design and construction of geotechnical structures and facilities. The Standard Penetration Test (SPT) ‘N’ value of a location is widely used to determine the engineering properties of the soils through empirical correlations. In this study, a 3D site characterisation model is developed using ordinary and simple kriging with an objective of evaluating the spatial variability of corrected SPT ‘N’ (Ncorrected) values in the subsurface of Chennai City. The alternative kriging approach using product-sum covariance model is implemented to model the SPT Ncorrected values in an anisotropic environment. The estimated SPT Ncorrected values are compared with the actual borehole data at selected locations. It is noted that the ordinary kriging has given more accurate estimates closer to the actual SPT Ncorrected values than the simple kriging. The estimated SPT Ncorrected values in the 3D subsurface environment will help in better interpretation of the subsurface information, making informed decisions with regard to future developmental activities and effective management of the urban centres of the Chennai City.

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