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Modelling of pollutant transport in ground water
Published in
Volume: 85
Issue: 1
Pages: 22 - 32
Pollution of ground water has been growing incessantly in several of the country particularly due to the indiscriminate discharge of waste water from the industries, which either do not have or have inadequate treatment facilities. These industries discharge their waste water into the immediate neighbourhood open channels which ultimately confluences with ponds; streams, rivers etc., The chemical constituents of the waste material often seeps down from the entire course and from the stagnated points into the ground water system. Once the ground water system gets polluted, cleaning and redemption is prohibitively costly. Hence a systematic and scientific management of this vital resource is essential to achieve optimum results.
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JournalJournal of the Institution of Engineers (India): Environmental Engineering Division
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    Mathematical models
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    Numerical methods
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    Wastewater treatment
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    Water pollution
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    Pollutant transport
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