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Model Studies on Geocell Supported Embankments Constructed over a Soft Clay Foundation
N. R. Krishnaswamy,
Published in American Society for Testing and Materials
Volume: 23
Issue: 1
Pages: 45 - 54
This paper describes the results of laboratory model tests on geocell-supported earth embankments constructed over a soft clay foundation. The soft clay foundation was prepared in a large test tank to a depth of 600 mm. A single geocell layer was formed on this clay foundation with different thicknesses, and embankments were constructed above this layer. Four different types of geogrids were used for the formation of the geocell layer. The embankments were subjected to uniform surcharge pressure on the crest until failure. The vertical and horizontal deformations and the strains developed within the geocell layer were measured during the test. The influence of various parameters such as tensile stiffness of geogrids used to fabricate the geocell material, height, and pocketsize of the geocell layer, length of the geocell layer, and type of fill material inside the geocell on the behavior of the embankments was investigated through a series of laboratory tests.
About the journal
JournalGeotechnical Testing Journal
PublisherAmerican Society for Testing and Materials
Open AccessNo
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