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Mixed Reality-Based Dataset Generation for Learning-Based Scan-to-BIM
, Bhadaniya P., Reja V.K.
Published in Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH
Volume: 12667 LNCS
Pages: 389 - 403
Generating as-is 3D Models is constantly explored for various construction management applications. The industry has been dependent on either manual or semi-automated workflows for the Scan-to-BIM process, which is laborious as well as time taking. Recently machine learning has opened avenues to recognize geometrical elements from point clouds but has not been much used because of the insufficient labeled dataset. This study aims to set up a semi-automated workflow to create labeled data sets which can be used to train ML algorithms for element identification purpose. The study proposes an interactive user interface using a gaming engine within a mixed reality environment. A workflow for fusing as-is spatial information with the AR/VR based information is presented in Unity 3D. A user-friendly UI is then developed and integrated with the VR environment to help the user to choose the category of the component by visualization. This results in the generation of an accurate as-is 3D Model, which does not require much computation or time. The intention is to propose a smooth workflow to generate datasets for learning-based methodologies in a streamlined Scan-to-BIM Process. However, this process requires user domain knowledge and input. The dataset can be continuously increased and improved to get automated results later. © 2021, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.