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Microstructural and mechanical characterization of two aluminium based in situ composite foams
Published in Springer India
Volume: 65
Issue: 6
Pages: 595 - 600
In situ composites are multiphase materials where the reinforcing phase is synthesized within the matrix during composite fabrication. The present paper deals with the processing, microstructural and mechanical characterization of Al-7Si-0.3Mg-10TiB2 and Al-4Cu-10TiB2 foams. Composite foams with very low relative density (ρr = 0.17-0.37) and foams containing uniform cell sizes were successfully processed. Since the TiB 2 particle sizes are less than 2 μm and have a good wetting behaviour, TiB2 can be very good foam stabilizers. Microstructural characterization of the cell walls showed significant grain refinement since TiB2 is a grain refiner. Elemental mapping clearly showed TiB2 particles at inter dendritic boundaries. Compression testing of the processed foams showed some interesting features. Stress-strain curve showed a lot of serrations which indicated brittle fracture of the cell walls and edges. Hence, it is observed that a balance should be attained between the grain refinement of α-Al grains and the amount of TiB2 particles to obtain desirable mechanical properties. Energy absorbed by the processed foams was calculated and they were observed to be close to that of the commercially available ALPORAS foams.
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