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Metal Centered commo-Bis(metallaselenaborane): Heterotrimetallic Systems Bearing a Zn(II) Center
, Joseph B., Prakash R., Dorcet V., Roisnel T., Halet J.-F.
Published in American Chemical Society (ACS)
Volume: 39
Issue: 16
Pages: 2942 - 2946
Thermolysis of an in situ generated intermediate, obtained from the reaction of [Cp*MCl2]2 (M = Rh, Ir) and LiBH4·thf, with Se powder and [Zn(BH4)2] afforded the two unusual heterotrimetallic complexes [(Cp*MB2H3Se2)2(μ4-Zn)] (1, M = Ir; 2, M = Rh), along with [(Cp*M)2B2H2Se2] (M = Rh, Ir; Cp∗ = η5-C5Me5). Clusters 1 and 2 are distinct due to the presence of a tetracoordinated Zn(II) in the Se4 pocket molded by the Se atoms of two Cp*MB2H3Se2 units. These clusters belong to a rare class of metal-centered commo-bis(metallaheteroborane) species. The molecular structures of 1 and 2 can be viewed as two arachno-metallaheteroborane subclusters conjoined at the common zinc atom that obey Mingos' fusion formalism. Both 1 and 2 have been comprehensively characterized by multinuclear NMR, IR, and UV-vis spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and single-crystal X-ray diffraction techniques. All experimental results are well supported by theoretical studies. Copyright © 2020 American Chemical Society.
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