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Mechanical behaviour of an austempered ductile iron
Published in
Volume: 63
Issue: 5
Pages: 779 - 785
Austempering of a ferrite-pearlitic grade of ductile iron was carried out to assess the potential use of the materialfor crank shaft application reported. A commercial material was austempered at 340?C to realize the properties. The austempered ductile iron gave good strength although the ductility values were lower. The material developed had complete ausferritric structure free of pearlite. The various phase constitution and phase transformation associated with the treatment and during mechanical deformation was examined. Using XRD analysis the volume fraction of the austenite in the matrix was estimated. The various aspects of processing a commercial cast iron during ausetmpering, the phase transformation, microstructural evolution have been examined along with the property of the material. The mechanical behaviour of the material andthe scope for further improvement is discussed. © 2010 TIIM,India.
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JournalTransactions of the Indian Institute of Metals
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