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Measurement of strains in geocells supporting an embankment
, N. R. Krishnaswamy
Published in
Pages: 387 - 398
This paper describes the measurement of strains in the side walls of geocells supporting laboratory models of embankments constructed on soft clay foundations. Model embankments were constructed over a layer of geocells formed on top of the soft clay bed prepared in a steel test tank. The stiffness of the geogrid used to make the geocells, dimensions of the cells, aspect ratio of cells and the length of geocell layer were varied in different model test. Strains in the walls of the geocells at different levels of surcharge pressure applied on the crest of the embankment were measured through strain gauges fixed to the walls of geocells using a strain meter. These strains have given clear insight about the performance of the model embankment and were used to estimate the "apparent" cohesive strength of the geocell layers in various model embankments.
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JournalGeosynthetics Conference 2001
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