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Manifestations of the effects of a "weak" sublattice in an YIG film with the replacement of yttrium by Gd ions
Published in EDP Sciences
Volume: 185
Ferrite-garnet films of submicron thickness were investigated by ferromagnetic resonance method and by the autodyne oscillator method. Compensation of the magnetization of such a film is detected on the curve of its temperature dependence, which is associated with the inclusion of gadolinium ions from the gadolinium-gallium garnet substrate in its composition. It was found that the magnetization of the sample in perpendicular to the surface of the film magnetic field showed an abnormal change in the magnetization and also rotation of the magnetic axis. This behaviour of a ferromagnetic material in the presence of a magnetic field can be explained by the expressions for the linear magnetostrictive effect, and the piezomagnetic effect arising from the para-processes operating within a "weak" rare-earth magnetic sublattice which is located inside a unidirectional exchange field of "strong" iron sublattice. © 2018 The Authors, published by EDP Sciences.
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