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Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of the intermetallic compound ErCu2
R. Rajivgandhi,
Published in American Institute of Physics Inc.
Volume: 1832
Polycrystalline ErCu2 compound has been prepared by arc melting in inert atmosphere and its magnetic and magnetocaloric properties have been studied. ErCu2 orders antiferromagnetically at TN ~ 11 K. A field induced metamagnetic transition is observed in a field of ~8.5 kOe at 5 K which leads to saturation in magnetization to a value of max 8.4 μB/f.u. The maximum isothermal magnetic entropy change, -ΔSmmax, value of this compound is obtained as 14.9 J/kg K for 50 kOe field change. Corresponding refrigeration capacity and relative cooling power values are 334 J/kg and 412 J/kg, respectively. These values are higher than that for HoCu2 and DyCu2 compounds because the temperature dependent isothermal magnetic entropy change curve of this ErCu2 compound is considerably broader. © 2017 Author(s).
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