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Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors for Biomarker Detection with On-Chip Microfluidic Devices in Point-of-Care Diagnostics
S.Z. Hoque, L. Somasundaram, R.A. Samy, A. Dawane,
Published in Springer Nature
Pages: 199 - 223
Early detection of infectious diseases by employing point-of-care (POC) technologies, which are highly sensitive and specific, user-friendly, and robust, would find great significance specifically in developing nations. Rapid and real-time detection of such diseases helps in proper treatment and useful in preventing transmission. With the advent of nanotechnology, a wide range of biological assays is developed by coupling nanosensors with microfluidics devices that are advantageous over traditional methods. One particular type of such integration of bio-nanosensors with microfluidics is the localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) biosensors (broadly nanoplasmonic) toolbox developed for biological applications such as drug discovery, rapid and clinical diagnosis, and further studies of biological cells or biomolecules. Further, nanoplasmonic sensors provide great versatility such as multiplexing, portable, and implantable, making them unique candidates for use as POC diagnostics devices. This chapter presents some of the recently developed on-chip biomarker detection devices by coupling LSPR biosensors with microfluidics platform for rapid diagnostics of infectious diseases. © 2022, The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.
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JournalMaterials Horizons: From Nature to Nanomaterials
PublisherSpringer Nature