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Learning puzzles with Indian english tags

, Pritha Chandra
Published in Azim Premji University
Volume: 3
Issue: 2
Pages: 8 - 13

Second language learning (L2) is a unique and interesting domain of research. Most learners have an existing knowledge of one or more first languages (L1), which sometimes aids and sometimes hinders the acquisition of a new language. We present here, the case of Indian English question tags that seem to have been influenced by both ‘standard’ (American and British) English and Hindi-Urdu, and yet exhibit some unique features. Our primary contentions are, (a) Indian English has its own grammatical system, and (b) the learning of Indian English does not crucially rely on the learners’ first language competence1 .

About the journal
JournalLanguage and Language Teaching
PublisherAzim Premji University
Open AccessNo