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Large and small signal equivalent circuits of QW lasers
Pukhraj R. Vaya
Published in
Volume: 11
Issue: 6
Pages: 361 - 367
In this paper, the large signal circuit model of a QW laser diode has been derived from rate equations and implemented using the circuit simulation program PSPICE. This model, in conjunction with the optical fibre and photodetector model constituting an optical link, has been simulated by generating eye diagrams for different pulse formats. Further, a small signal equivalent circuit of the QW laser diode based on the small signal analysis of rate equations is presented and the frequency effects on the modulation properties of quantum well lasers are studied by simulating the model. Gain switching in QW lasers has also been studied using this technique.
About the journal
JournalInternational Journal of Optoelectronics
Open AccessNo
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    Computer simulation
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    Computer software
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    Equivalent circuits
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    Frequency modulation
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    Laser pulses
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    Optical fibers
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    Optical links
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    Semiconductor device models
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    Software package pspice
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    Quantum well lasers