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Kinetics and properties of micro arc oxidation coatings deposited on commercial Al alloys
L.R. Krishna, A. Sudhapurnima, N.P. Wasekar,
Published in
Volume: 38
Issue: 2
Pages: 370 - 378
The micro arc oxidation (MAO) technique is being increasingly recognized as a novel and ecofriendly means of depositing dense ceramic oxide coatings on Al and its alloys. In the present study, the deposition kinetics, surface roughness, morphology, phase distribution and the microhardness of the MAO coatings deposited on ten different commercially available Al substrates having widely differing chemical composition has been investigated. Further, the tribological properties of the coatings obtained on different Al alloys in comparison with the bare substrates have also been evaluated using dry sand abrasion, solid-particle erosion and pin-on-disc dry sliding wear tests. The results clearly demonstrate that the alloying elements added to the Al substrate substantially influence the MAO coating deposition kinetics and coating properties. In the case of Al-Si alloys, the coating deposition kinetics is non-linear and the Al6Si2 O13 (mullite) is observed to form. With increasing Si content, the corresponding mullite phase also increases. Increasing mullite content in the coating adversely affects the tribological performance. Excepting Al-Si alloys, all other alloys investigated including commercial purity Al exhibit linear coating deposition kinetics. Of all the alloys investigated, Al-Li alloy exhibits the highest coating deposition rate and the 6061 T6 Al alloy exhibits the best coating properties. © The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society and ASM International 2007.
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JournalMetallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science