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Investigation on space charge and charge trap characteristics of gamma-irradiated epoxy micro–nano composites
, , Sukesh Babu Myneni, Imai Takahiro
Published in Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
Volume: 5
Issue: 2
Pages: 191 - 201

Epoxy nano–micro composite specimen prepared with micro silica and ion trapping nanoparticle, by shear mixing process, was exposed to gamma radiation and its performance for space charge and charge trap characteristics were analysed. The threshold for space charge accumulation of epoxy nanocomposites reduces and rate of space charge accumulation increases with an increase in dosage of gamma irradiation. The average growth of space charge density during poling and charge decay rate during depoling are relatively higher for gamma-irradiated specimens than the virgin specimen. The initial surface potential has a marginal reduction with increase in the dosage of gamma radiation, but the surface potential decay rate has increased significantly. Trap distribution characteristics indicate more number of shallow traps and increase in charge mobility after irradiation. The relative permittivity and loss tangent of the specimens have high impact due to gamma irradiation. The activation energy calculated from DC conductivity by Arrhenius law reduces with increment in radiation dose. Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy reflected no change in elemental composition with gamma-irradiated specimen. The variation in plasma temperature and ion line to atomic line intensity ratio with dosage of gamma radiation have direct correlation to the Vickers hardness number of the specimens.

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JournalHigh Voltage
PublisherInstitution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
Open AccessNo