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Influence of Low‐Dosage Hydrate Inhibitors on Methane Clathrate Hydrate Formation and Dissociation Kinetics
, Sakpal Tushar
Published in Wiley
Volume: 3
Issue: 7
Pages: 717 - 725

This work investigates the effect of low-dosage hydrate inhibitors (LDHIs) on methane hydrate formation and dissociation. The hydrate inhibitors used in this study were the sodium salt of polyacrylic acid, a polysaccharide chitosan, and the linear sulfated polysaccharide i-carrageenan; the inhibiting behavior of these additives were compared with that of the commonly used hydrate inhibitor polyvinylpyrrolidone for methane hydrate formation. A LDHI concentration of 1 wt % was found to increase the induction time relative to that at a LDHI concentration of 0.1 wt %. Chitosan was found to be better than the others in reducing nucleation and the growth rate of the hydrate at a concentration of 1 wt %. At a lower concentration of 0.1 wt %, nucleation inhibition was minimal, however, growth inhibition was significant. The effect of these inhibitors on the decomposition rate of the hydrate was also studied, and the decomposition kinetics at a constant driving force in excess of three-phase equilibrium is reported.

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