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In situ spinel bonded refractory castable in relation to co-precipitation and sol-gel derived spinel forming agents
Mukhopadhyay S, Sen S, Maiti T., , Nandy R.N., Sinhamahapatra B.K.
Published in
Volume: 29
Issue: 8
Pages: 857 - 868
This paper deals with the preparation and characterization of two types of in situ spinel bonded low cement high alumina based castable refractories. Semidried magnesium aluminate mass was prepared from cheaper precursors via coprecipitation and sol-gel routes for application in a refractory castable composition in different concentrations. The pH, average particle size, solid content, DTG analysis and XRD patterns of those two additives were observed. After being fired at elevated temperatures those two kinds of in situ spinel bonded castables were characterized and compared in terms of bulk density, apparent porosity, cold crushing strength, flexural strength, volume shrinkage, spalling resistance, and XRD phase analysis. Scanning electron microscopy of some selected fired samples was done to analyse the mode of interaction of in situ spinel bonds in castable microstructure. The corrosion resistance of the castables was estimated by heating with blast furnace and converter slags. © 2003 Elsevier Ltd and Techna S.r.l. All rights reserved.
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