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Hydrides, alkynyls, phosphines, and amines as ligands for nanoclusters
M.S. Bootharaju,
Published in Elsevier
Pages: 551 - 573
This chapter covers employing hydrides, alkynyls, phosphines, and amines as the stabilizing ligands for the metal clusters. Various coordination modes adapted by these ligands while protecting the coinage metal clusters are discussed. The examples of simple clusters, clusters of clusters, and clusters with uncoordinated metal sites show how critical is the choice of ligand in their controlled chemical synthesis. Important analytical techniques recommended for the precise characterization of the hydride and hemilabile phosphine ligated clusters are briefly discussed. Furthermore, the chemical and photophysical properties as well as the importance of hydride and phosphine ligands in the clusters’ catalysis are reviewed. In the end, some future perspectives on the design, synthesis and applications of the metal clusters are provided. © 2023 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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JournalAtomically Precise Metal Nanoclusters