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Holographic perfect fluidity, Cotton energy-momentum duality and transport properties
, Petkou A.C., Petropoulos P.M., Pozzoli V., Siampos K.
Published in Springer Heidelberg
Volume: 2014
Issue: 4
We investigate background metrics for 2 + 1-dimensional holographic theories where the equilibrium solution behaves as a perfect fluid, and admits thus a thermodynamic description. We introduce stationary perfect-Cotton geometries, where the Cotton-York tensor takes the form of the energy-momentum tensor of a perfect fluid, i.e. they are of Petrov type Dt. Fluids in equilibrium in such boundary geometries have non-trivial vorticity. The corresponding bulk can be exactly reconstructed to obtain 3 + 1-dimensional stationary black-hole solutions with no naked singularities for appropriate values of the black-hole mass. It follows that an infinite number of transport coefficients vanish for holographic fluids. Our results imply an intimate relationship between black-hole uniqueness and holographic perfect equilibrium. They also point towards a Cotton/energy-momentum tensor duality constraining the fluid vorticity, as an intriguing boundary manifestation of the bulk mass/nut duality. © The Authors.
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JournalData powered by TypesetJournal of High Energy Physics
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