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Greywater Treatment Using Horizontal, Vertical and Hybrid Flow Constructed Wetlands
, Ramprasad C.
Published in Current Science Association
Volume: 114
Issue: 01

The performance evaluation of three pilot scale subsurface flow constructed wetlands (CW), i.e. horizontal flow (HFCW), vertical flow (VFCW) and a baffle type-hybrid (HYCW) was studied. The units were continuously fed with greywater and were planted with Phragmites australis. The inflow concentrations of BOD, COD, TSS, NO3, TP and FC were in the range of 72-120 mg/l, 216-320 mg/l, 224-320 mg/l 10.3-14.6 mg/l, 2.9-3.8 mg/l and 50-120 CFU/100 ml respectively. The average removal efficiencies of BOD, COD, TSS, TP, TN and FC in HYCW were 95 ± 2%, 96 ± 3%, 98 ± 2%, 92 ± 2%, 98 ± 2% and 98 ± 2% respectively and comparatively more than the other two constructed wetlands.

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PublisherCurrent Science Association
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