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Fuzzy system for the detection of winding insulation condition and bearing wear in induction motor
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Pages: 564 - 569
In this paper, fuzzy logic method is used to detect two types of incipient faults viz. inter-turn insulation failure and bearing wear in single-phase induction motor. The fuzzy rules are framed depending upon the experimental data for five input parameters viz. motor intake current, rotor speed, winding temperature, bearing temperature and noise. The simulation and experimental results are given to verify the proposed method. Initially the performance is tested with two Inputs i.e. motor intake current, and rotor speed, later the remaining three input parameters were added and the performance is tested with five inputs. It is found that the performance with five inputs gives better results. © 2004 IEEE.
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JournalProceedings of the IEEE INDICON 2004 - 1st India Annual Conference
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    Fuzzy systems
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    Bearing capacity
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    Induction motors
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    Parameter estimation
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    Fuzzy sets