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Formation of Smaller Anions from CnN-(n = 1-3, 5-7) in the Circumstellar Medium
Chacko R., Banhatti S., Nrisimhamurty M., Yadav J.K., A. K. Gupta,
Published in IOP Publishing Ltd
Volume: 905
Issue: 2
We probe a new pathway for the formation of smaller anions from the temporary negative ion states (anion resonances) of C n N- (n = 1-3, 5-7) in the circumstellar envelope of IRC+10216. C n N- (n = 1-3, 5-7) anions were collisionally excited to their resonance states and were observed to decay into a variety of smaller anions. The measured kinetic-energy-release distributions for the anionic fragments arising from each of the parent anions indicate a concerted manner of occurrence of these fragments, implying rich dissociation dynamics. and C2N- were found to be dominant fragments of these anions, suggesting their presence in the external layers of IRC+10216 where UV photons penetrate. C n N- (n = 1-3) were also observed to undergo dissociative and nondissociative double-electron detachments, with the former being dominant. The significance of this new pathway in determining the stability and abundance of anions in IRC+10216 is discussed. © 2020. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved..
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