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Formation and densification behavior of mullite aggregates from beach sand sillimanite
I. Ganesh, , J.M.F. Ferreira
Published in
Volume: 91
Issue: 8
Pages: 2464 - 2468
Dense mullite aggregates with 60% and 70% Al2O3 have been prepared from precursor mixtures consisting of beach sand sillimanite and a high-purity aluminum hydroxide following conventional single- and double-stage firing processes. The bulk density (BD), apparent porosity (AP), and water absorption (WA) capacity of sintered mullite aggregates were found to be strongly influenced by the premullitization step of this precursor mixture. Mullite aggregates formed in a double-stage firing process exhibited higher BD and mullite content and lower AP and WA capacity in comparison with those obtained by the single-stage firing process. The values of coefficient of thermal expansion of sintered mullite aggregates are close to those found in the literature reports for high-purity stoichiometric mullite. © 2008 The American Ceramic Society.
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