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Fischer-tropsch synthesis of the UCG product gas
, , Khadse A., Malik R.K., Mahajani S.M.
Published in
Volume: 2
Pages: 1117 - 1128
Coal is now being seen as a major source for the production of transportation fuels through the generation of syngas and its conversion to liquid fuels. Syngas from coal can come from either surface coal gasification or Underground Coal Gasification (UCG). Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (FTS), being practiced by SASOL and SHELL on a large scale, is a proven technology to convert syngas to synthetic liquid fuels. However, the combination of FTS with UCG is still in a very preliminary stage and most UCG trials use the produced syngas for power generation. In the current study, with the help of simulations, we aim to focus on the feasible range of steam-tooxygen ratios used in UCG, which is a major factor in determining the %CO2 in the raw syngas. The syngas from each of these cases is used to simulate the performance of FT reactors, and a suitable FT reactor type for each case is suggested on the basis of yields and product distribution.
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Journal24th Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference 2007, PCC 2007
Open AccessNo