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Film cooling at hypersonic Mach numbers using forward facing array of micro-jets
, Jagadeesh G.
Published in Elsevier BV
Volume: 52
Issue: 15-16
Pages: 3654 - 3664

Experimental investigations are carried out in the IISc hypersonic shock tunnel on film cooling effectiveness of a single jet (diameter 2 mm and 0.9 mm), and an array forward facing of micro-jets (diameter 300 μm each) of same effective area (corresponding to the respective single jet). The single jet and the corresponding micro-jets are injected from the stagnation zone of a blunt cone model (58° apex angle and nose radius of 35 mm). Nitrogen and Helium are injected as coolant gases. Experiments are performed at freestream Mach number 5.9, at 0° angle of attack, with a stagnation enthalpy of 1.84 MJ/kg, with and without injections. The ratios of the jet stagnation pressure to the freestream pitot pressure used in the present study are 1.2 and 1.45. Up to 50% reduction in surface heat transfer rate was observed with the array of micro-jets, compared to that of the respective single jet with nitrogen as the coolant, while the corresponding reduction was up to 37% for helium injection, with the schlieren flow visualizations showing no major change in the shock standoff distance, and thus no major changes in other aerodynamic aspects such as drag.

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